New Brochure available for Scrigno Kit

Scrigno Kit

We have a new brochure available for the Scrigno Kit. The self-assembly pocket door kit is a simple and cost-effective way to save valuable space in a room.

Scrigno Kit is the easy-to-assemble sliding door frame kit for plasterboard walls; made entirely of sheet metal, it is as sturdy as a traditional door frame. It has been designed to fit a range of imperial and metric door sizes.

Changing the width is intuitive thanks to the ‘snap-together’ positioning system and pre-marked size guides. This method guarantees easy and accurate assembly, the end user will appreciate the perfect installation. There is a total of four kits available - two metric kits that cover 626 to 826mm and 926 to 1026mm door sizes and two imperial kits that cover 2’ to 2’6” and 2’9” to 3’ (see charts for more details).

All of the kits are suitable for a 125mm thick finished plasterboard wall. As the Scrigno Kit is self-assembly it comes in compact packaging that saves storage space and enables ease of transport. A double sliding door is achieved by uniting two single kits. All accessories are inside the pack and the kit has specific markings for double door sizing.

If you'd like more information on sizes and accessories feel free to request a copy or you can view the brochure online here: